A different approach to aircraft
operations, based in Vienna

What makes us different?

  • Elangeni consists of a small management team, highly experienced in business jet operations plus its team, exclusively for your personal assistance
  • All extra services are outsourced, you only pay for what you actually need or want
  • We commit to entertain the smallest and leanest overheads feasible, so you do not have to pay for big overheads
  • Elangeni does not participate or hold shares in any of its third-party suppliers
  • We let you participate in financial benefits we receive from suppliers

Personal support service

Our promise to you: we dedicate a “single point assistant” to you and your aircraft who will coordinate and communicate with you:

  • Any and all aircraft quality management issues
  • The selection and coordination of your crews
  • Monthly invoices and the answers to your questions
  • Administrational issues including supervision of all aircraft cost
  • Tenders for your choice and best conditions of third-party service: maintenance events, fuel, pilots training, insurance, handlings, …

Now, this will be
new to you:

While others only talk about „Transparency, it is our commitment and pledge to aircraft owners that we will haveyou participate in any and all “volume discounts” and other monetary benefits granted from third party suppliers for size and volume of Elangeni’s fleet. We promise to fully disclose such advantages gained and share them with you in accordance with our management agreement with you.

We are partners of and share fleet cost with MHS Aviation Munich.

Services included in the management fee: by including your aircraft under the umbrella of our AOC, we take the responsibility for:

  • Flight safety 
  • Security 
  • Technical supervision
  • Quality assurance
  • Compliance management
  • Ground operations
  • Training of cockpit and cabin crews
  • Operation free of VAT and mineral oil tax (in case of commercial operation)
  • Prepayment of operative cost of your aircraft, including credit cards for your crews   

Regular tenders

Tenders on third-party suppliers we regularly run for you:

  • CAMO services
  • Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
  • OCC und dispatch services (flight planning)
  • Pilots training
  • Fuel suppliers
  • Insurance

Elangeni does not participate or hold shares in any of its third-party suppliers. We welcome you to spell out your own choice of third-party suppliers.

We are partners with  MHS Aviation Munich

Contact us

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